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Create a Beautiful Tablet Menu

Impress your customers with an amazing tablet menu. Create an unforgettable experience with quality service, a fine dining experience from start to end. Help your customers’ decision making with great looking pictures and detailed item descriptions in their language!



Create your customer's experience

Design your menu to reflect your ideas and business. Build themes that tell your customers who you are. Create new themes for special occasions and seasons to keep your customers engaged.

Smart Menu

Flexible, Impressive and Easy to Use

Upload pictures, videos and details that promote your dishes. Display your menus in different languages to improve customer experience and show your recommendations to your customers to make the most of cross selling!


  • Take orders directly from your tablet menu and integrate your menu with your POS.
  • Collect feedback from your customers in seconds. Keep track of customer behavior, identify what works and improve what’s missing.
  • Enrich your tablet menu with ingredients or other information. Serve your customers with special preferences.
  • Create as many menus as you like. Turn your menus on and off when you want and show what you want to show.
  • Show detailed descriptions, photos and videos in your tablet menu and tell the story of your dishes to your customers.
  • Display the preparation time of the dishes to improve customer experience.

Fully Integrated

Spend less time with Complete Integration

Take orders directly from your tablet menu and integrate your menu with your POS and kitchen printer to streamline your ordering process!


  • Η παραγγελία εμφανίζεται αυτόματα στο POS.
  • Με την αποδοχή της παραγγελίας, αυτή εκτυπώνεται αυτόματα στα σημεία παρασκευής.
  • Ολα τα είδη, οι κατηγορίες και οι τιμές συγχρονίζονται αυτόματα από τη βάση δεδομένων σας.
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